Geiger Brothers fabricates shale gas processing system pipe spools

Seneca Load Ready

Under contract to Kokosing Construction Company, Geiger Brothers has completed fabrication and delivery of nearly 140 large and complex pipe spools for a natural gas liquid processing plant under construction in Noble County, Ohio.

The Seneca NGL Recovery Plant #2, being built for MarkWest Utica EMG, will provide for a 200 million cubic feet per day cryogenic gas processing expansion of the company’s large-scale midstream system, supporting rapidly growing drilling programs of producers in the southern core of the Utica Shale.

Geiger Brothers delivered the first shipment of fabricated pipe spools in August and made the last large shipment in November. Over the course of the project, Geiger Brothers fabricated nearly 140 carbon steel and stainless steel spools in pipe sizes 10 to 18 inches in diameter.

The spools will be installed as part of natural gas liquid and various gas, condensate, oil, propane, instrument air and other pipelines that make up the processing system.

The fabrication project required welding of more than 350 carbon steel piping and fitting connections and nearly 100 stainless steel connections. Designated carbon steel spools received post-weld heat treatment (PWHT).

The project also included fabrication and attachment of pipe shoes and stanchions where required by client specification.

Fabrication was in strict compliance with MarkWest Utica EMG mechanical construction quality requirements and those of ASME B31.3, Process Piping, with respect to weld procedures, welding personnel qualifications, weld inspection and other quality assurance processes.

For pre-approval prior to fabrication and from design isometrics, Geiger Brothers prepared shop drawings with the spool numbers and owner’s contract drawings identified.

Quality verifications included hydrostatic testing, weld visual, radiographic (RT), magnetic particle (MT) and dye penetrant (PT) non-destructive examination (NDE).  Hydrostatic pressure testing, held for 1-hour minimum duration at 40°F minimum on each fabricated spool, also was required prior to painting. Pipe spools were sandblasted and painted in accordance with client specifications.  All pipe spools were durably marked with the pipe line number and spool number.

In conjunction with pipe delivery, Geiger Brothers provided a quality assurance and control document package containing “as-built” shop drawings that provided for traceability of each weld to individual weld personnel, copies of mill certifications for all pipe used in fabrication, results of weld inspections and non-destructive examinations, and PWHT reports. A minimum number of welds by type were required to be verified by RT or examined by MT or PT testing for each individual performing welds.

Geiger Brothers loaded and delivered pipe spools to provide for safe transport and removal at the project site.  Open ends of shop fabricated piping and valves were protected with appropriate coverings to prevent damage and the entrance of dirt in accordance with the applicable Piping Fabrication Institute (PFI) standard.

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