Geiger Brothers installs new data center at Pike County site

Geiger Brothers has completed installation of a new Data Center under contract to Fluor/Babcock & Wilcox Portsmouth (FBP) as part of ongoing infrastructure and miscellaneous project work in preparation for and as part of Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant Decontamination & Decommissioning (D&D).

The Data Center was placed in mid-January to house information technology operations and to keep the computer network running smoothly as work proceeds on D&D.

Data Center Set

The Geiger Brothers scope of work included a role in design and engineering; the concrete foundation; setting the structure in place; installation of the emergency generator, two air-cooled chillers and associated piping; fencing; and system testing.

Data Center Generator

The new energy-efficient server room was completed in June, encapsulating several servers in a standard shipping container with the capacity to support multiple companies and locations.  All site-wide data now originates from the server room.  Deploying the server room as a modular unit was quicker than traditional methods and more units can be added as needed.

In general, average server rooms use up to 100 watts of energy per square foot. The new server room will only use about three watts per square foot, and, if there’s a power outage, the system will switch to diesel-fueled backup power within 15 seconds. Each rack is supplied with its own dedicated cooling system to minimize downtime. The fire suppression system — unlike that in some server rooms – is safe for occupants.

Data Center Server

The Facility Custodian credited those who made the endeavor a success, including the Fluor B&W construction and project management team and Geiger Brothers, the contractor.

“It was truly a collaborative effort,” he said.  “The leadership and expertise of these individuals provided the right ingredients for executing this project with excellence. This team had an excellent safety record while meeting this very important milestone. Their relentless efforts to complete this project safely and on time were the major factors in its success. This new facility will provide a stable infrastructure that will support the D&D activities throughout the balance of the project.  It’s been a wonderful project.”

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