Geiger Brothers completes piping for new mineral wool plant

Armstrong Millwood 20120113

Geiger Brothers has completed the piping installation for a new 30,000 square foot Armstrong World Industries mineral wool manufacturing facility at Millwood, West Virginia.

The Armstrong plant manufactures mineral fiber, an inorganic, vitreous material made from blast furnace slag, ferroalloys smelter slag and other molten minerals and then spun at high temperatures. The final product is primarily a feed material for Armstrong’s ceiling tile plants. Some product also goes to a variety of commercial and industrial applications including building products, fire protection, insulation and friction materials.

Piping systems in this work package included compressed air; tower water return – open system; tower water supply – open system; tower water return – closed system; tower water supply – closed system; spinner cooling water return; spinner cooling water supply; furnace hydraulic oil piping; polyethylene glycol; natural gas; drain, waste and vent above ground; and domestic potable water.


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