Geiger Brothers installs office modular trailer utilities

Under contract to Fluor/Babcock & Wilcox Portsmouth (FBP), Geiger Brothers has completed office modular system infrastructure work in preparation for and as part of Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant Decontamination & Decommissioning (D&D).

Geiger Brothers work included concrete foundations and utility installations (electrical and lighting, telecommunications data and public address system cabling, potable water, fire water and sanitary sewer) for modular facilities as part of the Phase 1 (Area 1 & Area 2) and Phase 2 Trailer Complex projects.  The Phase I project also included finishing of a large gravel parking area and a portal installation.

The complexes include a credit union facility (duplex 24’ x 56’), break room and centralized conference facility (triplex 36’ x 56’), restroom facility (duplex 24’ x 56’), engineering facility (10-plex 120’ x 56’), two general administration facilities (10-plex 120’ x 56’), an IT Technical facility (10-plex 120’x 56’), a training facility (10-plex 120’ x 56’), and four construction field offices (duplex 24’ x 56’)

Phase II included three separate modular office systems (each a 10-plex 120’ x 56’) for which Geiger Brothers completed the same utility installations.

Geiger Brothers also assisted with module carpentry and structural installations under contract to the unit supplier.  The mobile structures, before being linked together into larger complexes, arrived on special flatbed vehicles.

The scope of work specifically called for Geiger Brothers to supply labor, supervision, tools, equipment, installed and consumable materials, services, testing devices and warehousing for the design, engineering, supply, fabrication, field erection, application, handling, hauling, unloading and receiving, installation, construction, assembly, testing, evaluation and quality assurance.

The first trailers began arriving during the week of January 14.  Personnel moves into the modular office complexes began March 12.

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