Geiger Brothers installs Piketon plant cooling water piping and supports

08-01-10 AG Piping

On behalf of the United States Enrichment Corporation’s Government Services Division, Geiger Brothers has completed work under an accelerated contract to install piping and supports for alternate route cooling water supply and return at the U. S. Department of Energy’s former gaseous diffusion uranium enrichment plant in Pike County, Ohio.

The cooling water system configuration change involved the plant’s X-300 central control facility and X-710 laboratory building and included routing for tie-in to a new dry air plant, cooling towers and nitrogen tank farm that are under construction.

Geiger Brothers provided materials, labor, equipment and supervision to install and test the new tower cooling water supply and return piping for the water cooled chillers in the X-300 and X-710 facilities.

Concrete foundations along with some fabrication of new and modification of existing pipe bents were required. The project involved below grade isolations, installations and the connections to existing recirculating cooling water (RCW) piping.  The contract included line routing to the area of the future cooling tower for the new dry air plant, for which Geiger Brothers has design and construction responsibility under contract to CDM Smith, Inc.

The pipe varied in sizes from 6 to 18 inches. To complete the project, Geiger Brothers painted all new pipe and bents and those areas of existing bents that had been modified.

07-29-10 AG Piping


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